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About The Artist

Joanne Culbreth

Welcome! I’m Joanne Culbreth, and the Artist here at Happy Moose Garden Art.

It is a real pleasure creating something that makes your event more special, your garden more beautiful, or to gift you or someone you love with a very personalized Pet Memorial. My customers are treasures. The goal is for my work to reflect that.

In the Studio

For more than a decade I’ve been working closely with customers to create the perfect personalized pet memorials and event favors. My goal is to make your purchase a lovely experience from start to finish, right down to the packaging (there’s artwork on that too!)

My studio is my haven. It is where I dream, paint, plant things, and love on my animals. Friends and family love hanging out here as well. There’s usually music on, and candles and/or incense burning.

It’s sunny, peaceful, relaxing. I invite you to join me into this wonderful space via the Newsletter and on Instagram @happymoosegardenart.

With big love – Joanne

Pet Memorials

These are truly the ‘heart’ of my business. We know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet, and for over a decade I’ve been perfecting these with the help of two other artists for add-ons to make these the perfect gift package for yourself or someone you love. The reviews don’t lie!

Small Pet Memorial Planter

From: $38.50

Large Pet Memorial Planter

From: $49.50

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I promise not to bombard you with Newsletter emails, but when you do get one just know that I appreciate you being here with us so much! There will be animals and garden things and deals and giveaways, so stay tuned and have an amazing day! Speaking of GIVEAWAYS….

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Joanne – Happy Moose Garden Art

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