February 2024 – Cutting Back for a Simpler Life

Written by: happ34h_admin

February 8, 2024

I use the hashtag #petspotsplants a lot in my little world because it’s very descriptive of my life.  If you add ‘people’ to it that would just about wrap things up, but that makes for one crazy long hashtag.

Pets – We haven’t intentionally ‘cut back’ on pets, however, we find ourselves with only one dog and one cat because both are extremely old. It doesn’t seem right to disrupt their world, so we’ve decided to hold off on new furry family members for the moment.  Millie Cat is 21, and our Great Dane, Vader, will be 11 in May (trust me…that makes him an OLD man).  We are so blessed in our fur-filled old folks home.

I’m not sure if YOU have ever thought about this, but my plan was to (later) get 2 or 3 cats and 2 more dogs, but then it occurs to us that we are 65 and 73 years old.  At some point you begin to think who is going to outlive who?

This isn’t a yes or no on getting new pets (that’s a no-brainer), but HOW we adopt is.  Maybe we look for older pets, older pairs?

It isn’t the right time for those decisions, so the thing to do is take the very BEST care of the angels we have.

Pots – The ‘cut back’ here is on the ‘push push push’ of marketing. My newsletters come out once a month because well….I’m not a writer.  I paint.  Instagram has become more fun because I don’t fret over a marketing plan that I may or may not meet on a daily basis.  I post for my customers.  I post new things.  I post fun things. Sometimes I miss a day of posting anything. It is BLISS not to be concerned about that.

I’ve had more time to paint fun things (like the planter at the top) and many of those things are selling as soon as I paint them.

Plants – This is definitely the time of year where the vines get yellow and scrappy, and we cut back and de-weed.  It’s almost like meditation.  I’ve also started to propagate in pretty little glass bottles of water indoors.  That is where all of those plants in the photo started!  They actually bloom right there in the water when in front of a good sunny window.

Personal – Recent grocery store trips have left us reeling, so we are doing more cooking at home.  The expense of things is crazy ridiculous, so we try to keep waste down and have some fun kitchen time.  (There are now tons of plants in the kitchen too :o)  We plan on growing some fun herbs this year, and bringing some ‘garden’ into our kitchen.

People – I’m taking a trip on Friday to Colorado with some wonderful ladies from church, and we are planning on relaxing and just spending some much needed girl-time together.  These ladies are full of love, light, and fun.  My husband (bless him) will be staying home taking good care of my mother who is showing signs of dementia.  We both know that this year marks a real shift and that we have some sweet {and old) beings to care for.  Which brings me to….

🌈 Rainbow Bridge Tributes:
Every month, we’ll honor your beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge. If you know someone who’d like to celebrate their fur angel, drop me a note. Their photo and name will be honored in our Newsletter, Instagram page, and website’s pet gallery. (No pet memorial purchase necessary…I just love doing this, so tell all your peeps.)

Supporting Pet Rescue:
Recently I noticed that a customers signature reflected a pet rescue, bullmastiffrescuers.net.  If you click on the adoptable dogs section you’re going to want to take them all home.  Andrea told me that they have helped close to 1500 dogs.  They offer hospice care and have a forever foster program for seniors or dogs who have medical issues that make them unattractive to adopters.  Bottom line?  They do GOOD THINGS, so please check them out and support/spread the word!

I love each one of you to pieces, and I’m looking forward to our adventures together in 2024! Stay connected on InstagramPinterest, or drop me an email anytime.

With BIG love,

Joanne 🌺

Hug your pet EVERY DAY. It’s good for you. It’s good for them.
It’s just GOOD.



Zoey Jane














Blessings and peace to the families of each one of these who are so missed.

You are loved,

Happy Moose Garden Art

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