Welcome to Happy Moose Garden Art! 

Wish you could see it, but  my studio is cool and colorful, and despite the neatness of the rest of the home I share with my husband, my mom, two needy old cats and two goofy Great Danes…my studio is loaded with the stuff that I can’t live without.  

Textures, paints, brushes, bobbles, a colorful string of lights, a soapstone dolphin who holds incense in his mouth, glass stones, magazines, tons of pencils, paint pens, art work our children created when they were very young. There are tons of unpainted wood letters, terracotta pots of all sizes, books on art, books on techniques, books on how not to have clutter in your life :o)  It's an organized mess and I live to be in here!

I love creating, and I love the connection I have with my clients.  To be a part of making your event more memorable, your kids room more 'their own', or having your friend/family member touched by a gift to let them know that someone is really loving them and thinking of them....that is golden!  

I have an amazing fun newsletter you should sign up for!  It's short, sweet, and comes out quarterly (sort of).  I give things away and have big fun, so sign up right HERE!

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Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me….not everyone does, and I appreciate it more than you know.  Now I hope you’ll go visit my shop and let me know if I can create something special for you!  

Come on in!  

Happy Moose Garden Art
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