Wooden Mermaid Sign


Materials: solid wood, acrylic paints, polycoat
Width: 5 inches
Height: 15 inches
Depth: .5 inches


These are so incredibly pretty and would look amazing in any beach, coastal, mermaid themed room!

Hand painted in layers for a cracked, distressed look using recycled 3-tiered cabinet drawer facings. The mermaids are also made of solid wood and swimming in the center of each.

The mermaids themselves are painted in solid black with some silver accents. They are placed over a jewel-toned aqua, and the edges are finished in cracked/distressed sand/cream.

Hang them side by side or on either side of a door facing!

Ready to ship, and shipping is free! One of a kind, so grab them while you can!


Joanne – Happy Moose Garden Art